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Engineer M.A Samad


Engineer M.A Samad was born in Kanchannagar, a small village of Manikganj District of Bangladesh on March 3, 1957.
He acquired Civil Engineering degree from Dhaka Polytechnic Institute and served the Department of Public Health Engineering of the Government of Bangladesh. He served many of the deserving communities to improve their conditions of health, hygiene and sanitation especially in Manikganj, Narshingdi, Dhaka and Comilla districts. He was one of the contributors of Arsenic Mitigation Model in Bangladesh. Mr. Samad was a creative Public Health Engineer and was awarded by the Government for his sincerity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                He founded this organisation in 1995 with a group of social activists to make up his dream for a “poverty-free just and harmonious society” into reality. He extended his hands to those who need the support most. Poor and marginalized people become encouraged by his inspiration to rise up for a decent life. Mr. Samad designed many need based and realistic programs for the development of the distressed communities that bears the sign of his philosophical insight and all-out effort to make the people happy.                                                                                                                                                                                      He taught us to respect the people, love them and trust in their immense potentials. The organisation got vigorous expansion in terms of programs and population under his strong leadership. Networking and collaboration with GO and NGO counterparts have become strengthened at his time.

For his devotion in social service, he was honored by the different organisations many times. This distinguished  development activist passed away on November 11, 2015. The way he showed, will continue and the journey he started, will go on till we arrive at his dream. VASD will always remember this great leader as the founder of this organisation and as a real friend of the people of this soil.