Physio therapy for free of cost; Giving back a life

Poor daily wage laborer Rafik Hosen and housewife Ismat Ara could never think that their only daughter Sriti (11) would be able to walk and speak. They lost the hope when heard about the expenses of physio therapy for their daughter. They were not able to manage daily 500 Taka to pay a therapist and were just waiting for a tragic consequence of small girl. In such a moment, VASD took care of the baby and advented new light of hope to this helpless family. 

 Rafik Hosen and Ismat Ara live in Moddhapara at Savar. Their daughter Sriti was born in 2006 with a tumor on her head. She was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital at an early age. Doctors did a surgical operation of the baby to remove the tumor. The tumor was removed but due to a surgical fault, gradually the baby became paralyzed. She lost her ability to walk and speak. In 2012, Sriti was again taken to the Hospital. Doctors suggested to provide physio therapy to recover her ability. But it was quit impossible for the poor parents to manage 500 Taka daily to pay a therapist. Being helpless, they were just waiting for any consequences of Sriti. In 2016, VASD came to know the family and took Sriti into its Disability Development Program. According to Doctor’s suggestion, CHDRP (Community Handicap Disability and Resource Person) Mis Ruma Akter started giving physio therapy for free of charge. The therapy was effective and a positive change in Sriti’s movement was observed within a short time. Sriti was then provided a walker from VASD after six months. Severely paralyzed baby began standing with the help of the walker and started speaking.

 Sriti will be provided physio therapy without any cost till her complete recovery. However, her poor parents are happy to observe huge improvement in her movement and speech. They are thankful to VASD for this generous support without which they could not been able to give back life to their much-loved daughter.