:: Day: December 24, 2017 ::

An artificial limb; a life with dignity

71 years old Ashraf Ali Mia was a poor grocer in Nanchi village of Gopalpur Upazela in Tangail district. He lost one of his legs at the consequence of a road accident in 2001. Then he became disabled and impaired from his normal life. He lost all his capitals and the grocery shop for the treatment of his leg. Being assetless and physically impaired, he had no other option to choose any means than begging to bear a two members’ family. His wife was also old in age and could not help him. Both of them were used to beg from dawn to dusk on the street to bear their livelihoods.

It was very indecent life for them with disrespect and neglect from the society. People used to call him ‘Lengra Asharaf (lame)’ and showed a mercy by giving a little amount of money while begging. From the sense of self-respect, Ashraf Ali left his own village and came to Ashulia area near Dhaka. They were living in a rented tiny hut in Ashulia.

In 2007, Asharf Ali came into the observation of VASD and was enrolled as a beneficiary of the Disability Development Program of the organization. Ashraf expressed his wish to come out of this indecent life and live as a usual human being. He was than included in the artificial limb establishment program jointly organised by VASD and CDD. In June 2017, Ashraf Mia’s dream came into reality. An artificial limb changed him as a natural man from a disabled person. He can move, walk and run easily. He is no more physically impaired.

After establishment of an artificial limb, VASD provided him training on Entrepreneurship development and a startup capital of Taka 3000. With the money, he started a tea stall in Kabirpur. Now he earns 400 – 500 taka every day. He shifted his living home to improved one, bought mobile phone and communicates with the relatives. Sometimes he wonders around the township with his wife. People respectfully call him Ashraf bhai and do not call `Lengra’. Thus with an artificial limb, he gained a dignified life. Ashraf is no more disappointed or anxious about his life.

Physio therapy for free of cost; Giving back a life

Poor daily wage laborer Rafik Hosen and housewife Ismat Ara could never think that their only daughter Sriti (11) would be able to walk and speak. They lost the hope when heard about the expenses of physio therapy for their daughter. They were not able to manage daily 500 Taka to pay a therapist and were just waiting for a tragic consequence of small girl. In such a moment, VASD took care of the baby and advented new light of hope to this helpless family. 

 Rafik Hosen and Ismat Ara live in Moddhapara at Savar. Their daughter Sriti was born in 2006 with a tumor on her head. She was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital at an early age. Doctors did a surgical operation of the baby to remove the tumor. The tumor was removed but due to a surgical fault, gradually the baby became paralyzed. She lost her ability to walk and speak. In 2012, Sriti was again taken to the Hospital. Doctors suggested to provide physio therapy to recover her ability. But it was quit impossible for the poor parents to manage 500 Taka daily to pay a therapist. Being helpless, they were just waiting for any consequences of Sriti. In 2016, VASD came to know the family and took Sriti into its Disability Development Program. According to Doctor’s suggestion, CHDRP (Community Handicap Disability and Resource Person) Mis Ruma Akter started giving physio therapy for free of charge. The therapy was effective and a positive change in Sriti’s movement was observed within a short time. Sriti was then provided a walker from VASD after six months. Severely paralyzed baby began standing with the help of the walker and started speaking.

 Sriti will be provided physio therapy without any cost till her complete recovery. However, her poor parents are happy to observe huge improvement in her movement and speech. They are thankful to VASD for this generous support without which they could not been able to give back life to their much-loved daughter.

All about a leg

A vegetable grocer Mr. Shohidul Islam (55) of Kalihati Upazela in Tangail district, was affected by gangrene on foot-finger. He took treatment from local doctors and getting no result, went to Dhaka Orthopedic Hospital in 2007. He was provided treatment for one year but got no improvement. Finally doctors cut off his right side leg to save other parts of the body.  Since then Shohidul became permanently disabled.  At present he is living in a rented house in Zirani area of Savar Upazela with his wife and one daughter. Another two daughters and two sons got married and live separately.

Shohidul lost all his capitals and assets to bear the cost of treatment. But to manage a three members’ family, he had no way without work. He then used to pull rickshaw for the sake of living. But it was very difficult to drive a rickshaw by single leg. Since he had only one leg, rickshaw owners did not rent him an auto-rickshaw. Thus he could earn a little than auto-rickshaw pullers which was not enough to bear the house rent and other expenses of the family. Sometimes he could not drive the rickshaw and had to beg money. Those were very hard days for him. Shohidul was disregarded by the society. People used to call him ‘Lengra’ (lame). He was excluded from the social events even he could not go to relatives’ home. Shohidul heard about artificial limb establishment, but did not know where to go. He knew that it was very expensive. He asked someone to help him to get an artificial limb, but nobody cared. In such a state, Shohidul and his family passed 10 years of intolerable sufferings.

In January 2017 during a disability survey, VASD staff Mr. Abdul Halim met him and took him into the disability development program. Shohidul saw the ray of hope and was waiting for the day when he would be able to walk again as a typical man can do. VASD organised an artificial limb establishment camp for some of the mobility impaired persons with the support of CDD in June 2017.  Then the long expected day came to Shohidul. An artificial limb was established on his leg for free of cost. He was also provided one pair of nice shoes and a startup capital of Taka 3,000.  On that day Shohidul became a changed man. He says, “I could not believe that I would be able to move freely again. I can, walk even run as a natural human being. Within that weak, I hired an Auto-rickshaw.” Shohidul is very busy now; he earns Taka 500 – 700 a day.  His sufferings ended with an artificial limb. His daughter goes again to school, who is in class eight. Shohidul owns a mobile phone now. He again says emotionally, “I went my father-in-law’s home after 10 years. Everyone was surprised and happy to see me. Nobody calls me ‘lengra’ any more. I owe to VASD and CDD for giving me this new life and dignity.”

Getting back the lost hope

Ismat Ara, an eight years old small girl, lives with her parents in Savar municipal area under Dhaka district. Her father Ishaq Ali is a poor worker and mother Seema Begum is a housewife. Ismat Ara was suffering from stereophonic physical impairments since the birth in 2006. She is the only kid of her parents.


Ismat Ara’s mother was affected by severe malnutrition during pregnancy. Consequently she suffered prolonged labor pain while an uneducated birth attendant helped her delivery at her village. Ismat Ara was malnourished and born with multiple deformities; even she did not cry immediate after birth. Her growth was ailing. At her six months of age, she began to suffer from convulsion frequently. When she reached at one year, her parents could realize that her left hand and leg were weaker. She couldn’t sit nor stand. Even she was deaf, could not talk and it was dribble always from her mouth. When Ismat Ara reached at 18 months, she was taken to CRP for treatment. Doctors provided her physio-therapy there. But the poor parents could not continue the treatment for the lack of money and back to home. They left any hope for change in Ismat Ara’s condition.


In 2014, VASD staff found Ismat Ara during their routine survey and selected her for treatment after discussion with her parents. One of the CHDRP of SCANED project, took the responsibility of Ismat Ara and provided physio-therapy free of cost. After intensive care and continuous physio-therapy of three year, her condition got improved. Now she is able to stand of her own and can walk with support. Dribbling stopped and many more changes. Poor Ishaq Ali and Seema Begum became amazed to see the changes in their only child. They expressed that they got back their lost hope. They are dreaming that once their daughter will lead a normal life like other children.

4 USD per day; made him a role model to the physically challenged people

“At my 16 years of age, I became paralyzed and could not move. I became detached from my friends, my society. Due to poverty, my parents could not do anything for me. Once my uncle took me to CRP. They provided me a wheel chair with training on how to move which gave me little light to live on.”  24 yeras old Jahurul Islam was telling the tragic story of his life. He lives with his poor parents and three siblings in Chapain area of Savar Upazela under Dhaka district. He is physically challenged and can move on wheel chair. He was attacked by rheumatic fever at only 6 years of age. Then he was taken to the Hospital for treatment. According to the doctor’s commendation his parents provided him a high powered injection regularly for eight years. Along with his sickness, Jahurul was studying and completed 8th level. But one day mistakenly doctor pushed an expired injection in his muscle. Jahurul felt severe pain at his legs an waist in reaction of that wrong injection. Situation became worse day by day and gradually his legs became insensitive and numb.


In 2014, VASD took him into SLDP project with an objective to get him back to the normal life through income earning opportunities. Jaharul was provided two months vocational training on Mobile phone servicing at CRP Vocationl Training Institute, Saver. After successful completion of the training, Jahurul became confident and planned to start a servicing shop. “But I had no capital to start the business. SLDP project came forward to help me by giving startup capital of Tk.5,000 (non refundable) termed as ‘Seed Money’ and a two day long training on Entreprenureship Development. Then I started mobile phone servicing at my home. My business was advertised by the project staff in the surrounding area.”


“People like quality service at an affordable cost. I always try my best to provide desired service. That’s why customers are satisfied and I get a good number of works everyday.” Sitting on a wheel chair, now Jahurul earns average Tk.10,000 (USD 130) per month. During Eid or Puja festivals, this amount raises up to Tk.30,000 (USD 390). Now he contributes to his family and he is no more a burden. Thus Jahurul became an inportant part of the society and a role model to other physically challenged persons.

VASD Annual Report 2015-2016

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